Bringing Back the Balance

The world system is top heavy and big headed, disengaged from the heart. The ingrained patriarchal ideology of Father/God/Male as head of state/ household etc. denying  the other half- Mother/Goddess/Female -Heart of house/family  has caused the out of balance dire state of global affairs.

Heart of Yoga is a unifying practice bringing balance of feminine/masculine into the body by acknowledging this basic vital co-existence within you through the inhale and exhale of the breath. One cannot get more fundamental than the basic need to breathe! Try doing one without the other..  But to stay in balance during the other 90% of the day and remain in constant balance?  I for one still swing like a pendulum, slower now though with the middle road steadying me more and more.

Heart of Yoga, along with other heart space experiences like being in nature, feeling her… becoming her. Feeling her rise within and paying attention to what pulls on your heart strings. She is an amazing nurturing teacher if you allow her the space that she has been deprived of for a long long time.

She is always there, having never left you. She is the heart, the heart that allows and supports all to rise towards the sun.



Coming out of the closet

The other day I was sitting in a waiting area with  another person also waiting to be seen. We began chatting and and after a while she asked “Are you a teacher? look like a teacher.” And I thought, wow really.. have I already embodied the teaching vibe  so much that it now just emanates from me? I was glowing inside with excitement as I said “Yes I am a teacher” She then asked me what it was that I taught, and from my happy heart I said “ I am a yoga teacher and a healer”.  Immediately the atmosphere changed and her interest turned to suspicion. She then lent away from me, closed herself off and began began humming a hymn.

Welcome to my life in Fiji as a healer on a spiritual path looking to share my gifts.


Making the decision to be free


“If ever there was a time to let go, do yoga and breathe                                                                                     This most certainly is it
For I can fly like an eagle on high
Or throw up my hands and quit.” -Kaypacha-      

The Passion Question

On my way home from Suva the other night, my son asked me a question. He said “Mum, what does passion mean?” There was no time for contemplation, the answer was there even before I knew it, and out it flew into the whipping wind and rain streaked night, but not before seeping through my skin into my blood to quicken my heartbeat once again.

“Passion is a feeling, a deep strong feeling you have about something that is important to you.” For the first time no other question came, no how or why. The answer satisfied, so much so that it carried him to sleep and all the way home. The passion question and answer also touched my beloved as he drove us, as he too fell silent. And when he spoke it was of deep things that matter.