Neutral Wisdom

A wet windy walk gifted three treasures to me.

What messages do these three things bring,

What wisdom lies within layers of skin?


The shell is about listening to the call of the creative.. as it spirals out the shell becomes more vulnerable.. but more beautiful and expansive. We can choose to stay ‘safe’ in our cocoon or we can open up to and truly experience and become the creative

This heart is in fact a seed..back to the heart where your deepest desires reside waiting. The seed knows exactly what it going to be, it does not need to be taught or certified..  it does not need declarations. What it does need is to be watered and nurtured and coaxed out of its protective covering and given the space in order to grow. Like the expanding shell, being out of our comfit zones is where the growth happens.

The horn is about cultivation.. the cow’s horn points backward.. back to the self.. cultivating the inner self to strengthen the foundation.. like the bones that keep your body upright. Inner is strength enables outer strength to withstand the trials of society while protecting the preciousness within..And also transformation, shedding.. shedding of the old to transform into the new

There is wisdom everywhere ❤ All we need is to be open to receive

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