Coming out of the closet

The other day I was sitting in a waiting area with  another person also waiting to be seen. We began chatting and and after a while she asked “Are you a teacher? look like a teacher.” And I thought, wow really.. have I already embodied the teaching vibe  so much that it now just emanates from me? I was glowing inside with excitement as I said “Yes I am a teacher” She then asked me what it was that I taught, and from my happy heart I said “ I am a yoga teacher and a healer”.  Immediately the atmosphere changed and her interest turned to suspicion. She then lent away from me, closed herself off and began began humming a hymn.

Welcome to my life in Fiji as a healer on a spiritual path looking to share my gifts.


4 thoughts on “Coming out of the closet

  1. Too many hide from themselves. Its easy to block yourself and put up walls so its hard to see your true strengths. Meditation scares those who dont have the confidence to look within. Im one but im going to try and open myself up so I can learn to be stronger. Its a journey and one im determind to take. Badk to nature and true I come.

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